Saturday, March 10, 2012

Giles Fraser romantic

can reflect on the occupants, but trampled on the feelings of those who are already on the cathedral green

Giles Fraser thought after removal of the embankment of St. Paul that "Occupy stubbornly on the physical reality of space. Others can write books and seminars. Tents occupy asked. Occupies the space. is there. Unless, of course, now it is not. "

Giles seemed romantic and reflections based on an imaginary idea of ??reality instead of 99%. Experience of at least some of us to live together occupy Exeter, who chose to take the cathedral green, had its roots in a reality that was both erratic and inconsistent.

cathedrals testify to a movement committed to occupation that began with the birth of a refugee threatened by a monstrous regime. 99% of first century Palestine were very unlikely to find a voice. The birth of Jesus Christ 400 years interrupted the silence with prophetic voices who speak for the poor and marginalized in question. Religious people were in the habit of not seeing the miracle, so that their faith had become obsolete. Often people have lost simply because they had closed their minds to the possibility of intervention of God in their lives. Rome ruled. Poverty and daily survival were the norm.

How do you keep a witness to something that you think is vitally important - say the size of eternal life - in an environment that seems hostile

suspect that this issue is essential for the squat movement. The pressure on some questions about the order of society upon us in a cultural-cons. The questions about the ordering of society are the questions that Christians have arisen since the intervention in a society hostile to the first century Palestine.

The truth is that there is a movement occupy and Exeter on the green. It is the cathedral, the community that forms around it and the residential community located at the end. Exeter occupy chose to invade the community in a destructive way, to the detriment of the health of at least some of those living in the vicinity. They chose to conveniently ignore this fact whenever I was available to them.

Occupy The whole movement seems to be governed by the same things I wanted to deny those whose lives ignored - feelings. They seem to think their feelings were more important and others false. While proudly proclaimed the slogan of "nonviolent direct action" and "peaceful demonstration", refused to see the cathedral and the people involved in his life did not get that way. It was as if the violence against the things we fought and care and was responsible. What agreement was far from peaceful, has been abusive to us and not lead to peace.

Fraser earned probably too early to commit to respect the feelings that have arisen over time. Cathedrals take up space, physically, spiritually and emotionally. To pretend that there is an emotional component to a cathedral, occupying and Fraser seems to do is to ignore a vital link in the chain. 99%

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