Wednesday, March 21, 2012

much of our public life is based on theatrical techniques, so why theater is so often used as synonymous with lying?

comments published in The New York Times described the lawsuit filed on Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak as "an element of political theater," the Financial Times because of "political theater" and the recent emergence Rupert James Murdoch, before the culture, media and sport select committee, it seems that the "theater" is the word that tells us that someone is trying to deceive us, and that what we see is rhetoric, empty and all for show. Is this fair?

The Queen loved the Irish earlier this year with its emerald green shamrock embroidered costumes "," symbols of reconciliation that the public read in the visit. Nobody mentioned the costume design. Testing night in the back of the royal wedding in April were received as entirely appropriate preparations for a major public event. Nobody condemned as a farce or a fake attempt to fool people with the blank screen. When Jon Favreau became the youngest chief speechwriter in the White House at some point in 2008, which was praised for capturing the vocal style and cadence of Obama - an excellent ability, one might think, for a playwright create persuasive words to reveal the motivations and beliefs of a central character. (It is not surprising, Favreau said that when he finishes his current position, which may well consider writing screenplays.) Nobody has complained that Mr. Obama spoke of the lines of someone else.

much of our public life is based on techniques of theater singing lessons, which have been taken by George Osborne and Margaret Thatcher, the meticulous staging of Tony Blair, as the municipality, the Man, long-sleeved shirt, and mugs with the children, and even creating environments post-riot last week, as party leaders were placed in front of graffiti picturesque buildings and burned. Politicians often speak of "send messages", which of course implies a theatrical language of gesture and action steps to invoke broader meanings. The courts, hearings, courts and parliamentary procedures of all share many elements of theatrical performance and display.

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