Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lydia Besong failed asylum seekers before the raid, militants, including Juliet Stevenson critics claim the Border Agency UK

The forced deportation of a Cameroonian playwright and her husband, scheduled for Saturday, is "disturbing, shocking and unfair," said the actor Juliet Stevenson. The actor joined activists and writers Joan Bakewell and Andrea Levy condemning the Border Services Agency in the UK (UKBA), which they say has ignored its own procedures.

Lydia Besong - who has written three plays since his arrival in the UK in 2006 - was not at his home in Manchester, where he was attacked at dawn Monday, but her husband, Bernard Batey, was removed and placed in the center of the elimination of nearly Heathrow Airport Colnbrook. Besong has gone underground, with the couple plans to travel to Cameroon to 20 hours on Saturday.

The couple had filed a new application for asylum and that the fresh evidence given to UKBA in July, but said they had been rejected in front of his house was searched. Documents by fax no later than the UKBA couple's lawyer, revealed that the decision to reject other presentations was made on August 17

The couple was also supported by Ali Smith, Sarah Waters, Lisa Appignanesi, Linda Grant and the pens of writers of the English group.

Stevenson, who hosted the first production of the play of Besong How I became an asylum seeker, said the playwright was a "remarkable" women. "It's terrible. Lydia Besong is incredibly courageous woman who was imprisoned and raped his own country, then put his head over the parapet to talk about their experience and write their works. To prevail, without giving him time to prepare his defense is legally and humanly unbearable abusive and unfair, "he said. Work has been filed by women for women refugees in London.

A report published by Amnesty International in May confirmed that the regime of President Paul Biya, SCNC continues. "Lydia and Bernard will be in grave danger if returned to Cameroon," said Grant.

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