Saturday, March 10, 2012


idea of ??a woman to produce food, Brownfields in public has taken root in a village in Yorkshire - and is rapidly spreading

In 2008, when the economy was down and fears about climate change are increasing, Pam Warhurst, a businesswoman and former council leader in Todmorden, Yorkshire, decided to do something positive in your community. His brilliant idea of ??participating food and use of public spaces and quickly captured the imagination of his neighbors. Now, the seed planted in Todmorden Warhurst is not only paying -. It takes root in other cities in the UK and as far away as New Zealand

The project was welcomed by the local authority and has also attracted outside interest. "People came from New Zealand and make space food in the reconstruction of Christchurch," says Warhurst. The incredible edible movement has now spread to 30 cities across the UK and beyond.



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