Sunday, March 18, 2012

open letter from 26 prominent economists, says the president of the United States should drop opposition emissions trading

Five Nobel laureates are among the 26 U.S. economists are asking Barack Obama to give up his government's opposition to air cargo carriers EU legislation for carbon emissions.


was very critical of the movement of the EU to include airlines in its emissions trading scheme (ETS), saying it was illegal under international treaties and supports legal action against the plan was ultimately rejected by the European Commission Court of Justice.

the end of last year, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has written to EU commissioners warn "appropriate measures" would be taken if Brussels does not stop or delay their plans.

And last month the United States joined more than 25 countries, including China, India and Russia, at a meeting in Moscow, which ended with an agreement on " response measures "aimed at undermining the EU plan.

The EU agrees with the United States and other critics that the best way to fight against emissions from the aviation industry is to agree on action World by the International Civil Aviation (ICAO). However, the UN body, which meets this week in Montreal, has yet to reach a formal plan of emissions despite a decade of negotiations, which led the EU to adopt unilateral measures.

aviation currently accounts for about three percent of the world, but is expected to quadruple by 2050 with increases in international travel.

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