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not close the gap in reading and white Hispanic, evidence of Singapore puts pressure on foreign domestic workers, teachers in Dubai offering help to colleagues in India by phone

The UK economy could lose up to $ 3.8 billion as higher standards of student visas introduced last month takes effect, according to a report commissioned by the Minister responsible for changes Visa, Damian Green.

A report assessing the impact of the Home Office said the new policy of discouraging students from wrong and to improve compliance, but the 230,000 expected reduction in the number of applicants for a visa Level 4 students from outside the EU in the next four years will have higher costs.

The report estimates that revenue from fees will be reduced $ 270 million over four years, while up to $ 3.2 billion will be lost because students enrolled in private schools lost their right to work part-time and contribute to the economy.

private providers of English language education, which had 21,000 visa candidates at level 4 in 2010, is likely to see falling by 13,000 candidates in 2014 with a net loss of $ 4.8 million.

The report concludes that the decision to raise the minimum level of proficiency in English for students from English speaking countries who want to study in the degrees cut by 11,000 applicants per year.


Meanwhile, pressure from the British Council and English UK trade association for the accreditation system for inspection of private language programs in the United Kingdom accepted by Home Office Applications Level 4 visa failed. aa

accreditation from the United Kingdom has not been included in a final list of recognized accrediting agencies published by the Border Agency in the UK last month. Currently approved by institutions accredited by the UK who want to continue to enroll students at Level 4 must obtain accreditation approved by the end of 2012.


not close the gap in reading Hispanic and white

The achievement gap between white students and Hispanics in U.S. schools has not closed significantly since the 1990s, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Education.

Figures published in the National Assessment of Educational Progress last month show the gap has narrowed by three points in reading in fourth grade and eighth between 1992 and 2009, but the difference is even generally more than 20 points, equivalent to two grade levels.

puts pressure on the inside of Foreign Affairs of Singapore

Singapore conducts a comprehensive review of your English proficiency test required by foreign domestic workers following reports that some 26 years, Indonesia attempted suicide after failing the test three times.

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