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largest gathering of the question, to be held in the UK is presented as support for hydraulic fracturing of shale gas is growing in some political circles

The largest meeting on the issue of hydraulic fracturing of shale gas, to be held in the UK will be held in Manchester on Saturday in an attempt to establish a broad national coalition to stop the practice controversial.

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were created in areas currently affected by the exploration of shale gas or may be sites of hydraulic fracturing in the future.

But the anti-fracture wants to accelerate their protest in support for shale gas is growing rapidly in some political circles.


fracturing follow their widespread use in the United States in recent years. Environmentalists say that caused the contamination of water supply, gas leaks and dispossession in large parts of the field.

want to ensure that the destructive practices of not even hold in the UK. Environmental groups also fear that an overemphasis on gas will reduce carbon targets out of reach, some studies even suggest that the fracturing of shale gas produces more greenhouse gas emissions than coal when burned, and move to investment in renewable energy.

But the crew, the only company in the UK are currently involved in hydraulic fracturing, argues that the bad example of the United States does not apply in the UK, where it is more closely regulated industry.

The company has invited people to his site and says its equipment and methods are of a higher level than those who have caused problems in the United States.

All operations of hydraulic fracturing of shale gas in the UK are currently suspended, pending a scientific review of two small earthquakes in the area of ??Blackpool last year, according to experts European report on seismic, were directly related to hydraulic fracturing operations in the region.

"We must reduce our carbon emissions, and will reduce fracturing disaster for sources of investment in low carbon energy. The only way to say no thank you to the fracturing . "

Those who attended Saturday's meeting in Manchester will listen to scientists at the Tyndall Centre and a representative of the cooperative, who expressed concern about hydraulic fracturing and climate change. Also heard of Friends of the Earth as well as activists protesting against the proposed sites for hydraulic fracturing in Lancashire, South Wales, Sussex, Kent, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

licensing date, the Department of Energy and Climate Change issued for exploratory drilling to fracturing or operation of coalbed methane in six sites, three of them the crew two sites in Poulton-le-Fylde in Lancashire and one of the banks, in Lancashire.

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