Saturday, March 24, 2012

In our quick, impatient, blocked business and Twitter, surely this must be the era of the short play

The story is a virtue - think of it as the brilliant friend at a dinner that has a great story, but not to stay in it (novels, meanwhile, are as customers who Plod on, ringing in the price of housing). However, as we celebrate technical virtuosity on the page, the scene of the play never reached the same height. We venerate the likes of Kafka, Poe, Saki and Borges of all - if not exclusively - that writers of short stories, but where are the leading playwrights for whom the short play is a dramatic difference occasional days or slightly sideways? When, in other words, what are the big games?

During a long history that has been in the comedy, tragedy and absurdity and back at least to the Cyclops of Euripides, the work of a single act, of course, has been successful. Farces by Chekhov, The Bear and the anniversary of the beloved and recognized many of Tennessee Williams one of the characters a little less, while among the contemporary authors of Pinter, Caryl Churchill, Debbie Tucker Green and Of course, at the end Beckett, increasingly cut dramas regularly return to the scene. But for the massive presence of cultural awareness and they even Endgame or Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis - may reflect the state long-term counterparts

Part of the problem seems to be the question of the definition and public expectations, which is "short" in the case of a game - it's all in a single act, but prolonged count? Over an hour is too long, less than 10 minutes too short? It was Beckett who laid the matter at its elastic limit his breath the game in 1969, accurate and provocative takes about 35 seconds.

The natural solution is to connect them short plays, operation of a dialogue of contrast or sympathy, but one that threatens to undermine the works themselves, their complete abnegation the contents. And while the two works by the bedfellows of the same author may appear strong and genuine, are they really better or more likely to accrue interest friction than the works of different authors?

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