Saturday, March 10, 2012

Poverty in Bangladesh means that thousands of people are denied a simple operation that could cure his blindness. However, a new scheme is to change it

the patient on the operating table is dressed head to toe in white, with only his right eye exposed. The doctor, looking through a double microscope, an incision between the cornea and sclera - the white of the eye - gently facilitates a yellow lens clouded by cataracts and movies on a sheet. Then enter an artificial lens and close your eyes.

Operation Vard in the hospital did not take more than 20 minutes and the patient should remove the bandage the day after an overnight stay. It's simple, fast and requires only $ 20 - however, the magnitude of the problem is enormous in Bangladesh

A national survey in 2003 found that 750,000 adults and children, 40,000 were blind, 80% were affected by cataract easily treatable. The backlog is expected to grow with 150,000 new cases each year, mainly due to poverty, lack of education, free services and ophthalmologists trained in rural areas.

But the help came from an unusual source:. Thousands of British guests are charged £ 1 towards cataract operations in Bangladesh every time they eat a curry

Vision Bangladesh is a system run by charities and NGOs Sightsavers Brac seeking to raise at least £ 1 million to remove 80% of blindness in the Sylhet region of 12 million people in 2013 and the country by 2020. Under the "? 1 in the bill" plan, StreetSmart reproducing similar idea to raise money for homeless clients at participating restaurants are able to donate £ 1 to your account. "Sometimes , customers leave 5 pounds and 6 pounds, "said Athar Shah, owner of Cafe Rasoi in Heathfield, East Sussex, which raised £ 3000. "Some have even paid the full £ 20 for the operation when they learn more about the whole system."

Penelope Mawson, communications director of Brac UK has been encouraged by the number of participating restaurants. "At a time of recession that shows real community spirit that these restaurateurs have supported this plan," she said.

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, founder of Brac, saw the potential of the diaspora of Bangladesh in the UK and its 10,000 restaurants in Bangladesh. When Brac arrived in Britain last year to build support for the vision Banglasdesh said. "I want Bangladesh to help his partner of Bangladesh"

Vard In the hospital, located 30 kilometers from the city of Sylhet past lush green paddy fields, a dozen patients who have had their operations the day waiting for his bandages removed. Most are elderly because of cataracts, a clouding of the lens - are related to age

As the bandage comes off of his right eye, Shabzan Begum, who gives his age between 60 and 65, receives a drop and it is given a pair of dark glasses. Initially, their response is submitted. "I can see clearly, I can see much better than before," she said without much emotion.

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