Sunday, March 18, 2012

University announces new studies of anti-Semitism after the closing weeks of the institute accused of allowing "extremist anti-Arab"

Yale University is opening a center in the study of antisemitism less than three weeks after the decision to close a search of the International Institute standing the same problem after complaints that he had given a platform for "anti-Arab extremism."

Peter Salovey, dean of Yale, said the measure would encourage "a serious speech and academic research."

The announcement comes after Yale University, said in early June it would close its Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism next month. The institute was the first of its kind in North America.

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, said his decision had been made as part of the review of all courses every five years.

Donald Green, director of Yale's Institution for Social Development and Policy and member of the committee, said that "little scientific work" of the institute appeared in major magazines and courses at the institute had not attracted large numbers of students.

However, some scholars say that the closure of the institute is politically motivated and is replaced by a dispute over a conference of the Institute held last August The three-day event, the Global Anti-Semitism: crisis of modernity, has been accused of providing a platform for speakers anti-Arab and anti-Muslims

"It is surprising that a respected institution like Yale would provide a platform for right-wing extremists and their odious views, and it is ironic that a conference on anti-Semitism is ostensibly intended to fight against hatred and discrimination against Semites who demonize Arabs - who are themselves Semites, "wrote Areikat

However, Walter Reich, professor of international relations, ethics and human behavior at George Washington University, wrote in the Washington Post it was "inevitable" that some of the speakers at the conference the word "the fastest growing event and the most virulent of contemporary antisemitism -. anti-Semitism in the Arab / Muslim"

said that in some Arab circles, "the tropes of classic European anti-Semitism (as accusations that the Jews gather in secret to control the world, killing non-Jewish children to use their blood in Jewish rituals and spread the disease to kill non-Jews) were not only approved but also embellished. "

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