Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ex-Chief of Border Police members who have done nothing to "increase, extend or replace in any way" the scope of testing border control

The former head of the force of the border of the United Kingdom, Brodie Clark, new blows to the home secretary, Theresa May, telling deputies is not an "official criminal" and affirming that she was instrumental in the destruction of his reputation.

Clark, in his first public appearance since he was forced to resign passport control was the fiasco of the ports and airports in Britain, said he had nothing to "enlarge develop or redefine any way" the extent of the reduction test that checks had been authorized by the Minister of the Interior.

The former head of the force the borders of the United Kingdom stated that the dispute over border controls have been made for a "fusion" long-term health of the Ministry of Interior and security policies from 2007 to pilot project introduced in May in July to introduce "risk-based controls" to improve performance.

Clark insisted he had been careful to ensure that port managers were quite clear on the requirements of the pilot project in May and during the first month that he had informed his diary . He insisted that the trial was delivered exactly what you need. "I'm not Nothing official Rogue could be further from the truth," said

He told MPs that he was an officer for 38 years, 15 of which were high risk, the roles of high and often dangerous.

"Over 40 years I have built a reputation and more than two days of this reputation was destroyed and I think that's largely thanks to the contribution made by the Minister of Interior, "he said.

The high-octane battle will now move to a showdown between Whitehall and Parliament whether the track-mail detailing the truth of the statements at issue is released before the three official investigations are reported in January.

The appearance

Clark also said the Immigration Minister, Damian Green, had supported the proposal to include the suspension of fingerprint checks for visa holders from non-European in the trial of controversy. But that was revoked by the Minister of Interior himself.

But the head of Clark's Border Services Agency in the UK Executive, Rob Whiteman, told MPs that the head of border police was "sincere".

On two occasions, refused to refer to Clark 40 years career as a "distinguished" despite Clark being awarded the CBE last year for security services at the border.

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