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that if the Secretary of Justice is successful in controlling agreements, the Trafigura case style could never be reduced

A coalition of major international charities, condemned the government's legal reforms to deny the victims of foreign multinationals in the UK any chance of justice.

In a letter to the Friends of the Guardian, Amnesty International, Earth, Oxfam and others warn that if the Attorney General, Ken Clarke, succeeds to the restriction of "no win, no fee" agreements cases after Trafigura style could never be brought back.

coordinated statement, also supported by Catholic charity CAFOD, War on Want and Traidcraft fair organization, published the day before morality, judgment and punishment of offenders draft law refers to its committee stage in the House of Commons. The oil trading company Trafigura was sued in a class action on behalf of thousands of West Africans who in 2009 said they had been harmed by the dumping of waste in Ivory Coast.

The case became famous through the use of a super injunction to remove the documents disclosed.

Labour MP Kate Green has tabled an amendment to the bill to exempt the prosecution of cases of human rights reforms proposed by the government of contingency fees - also known as "no win , No Fee -


Under the Ministry of Justice proposals, applicants would have to pay the success of its legal fees and damages. Critics say the figure could easily exceed the price change will deter many lawyers take these cases

"... we have seen recently how the victims of alleged illegal toxic waste in Ivory Coast for justice in the courts of the United Kingdom. The company in question, Trafigura, ended an agreement with the victims of the court.

"It is vital that victims of violations of Internet users are able to access justice and obtain compensation for these companies - one to do, not only denying the victims of a resource, but feed a cycle of impunity and the risk of civil litigation as a deterrent. "The letter was also signed by Labour MP Lisa Nandy, party chairman of the international responsibility of companies.

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