Sunday, March 18, 2012

Allendale, Northumberland: first herbal remedies currently looking for links between body parts and their images in the plants, and I saw a resemblance to the leaves mottled Pulmonaria and a diseased lung

Regarding coverage in the garden to remove Cardamine, I hear the cry of a curlew, now returned to the fields above the valley. Around me on the edge of the semi-shade, lungworts vibrations in the March wind. Fresh foliage has increased over the last year's litter of crispy leaves rough. There is a smell of cucumber sappy when they accidentally broke a rod, a reminder of the similarity of comfrey. As comfrey, pulmonaria is an important forage plant for bees. Each inflorescence is open in an arc, the flowers change color as they age not pink buds open to blue tubes. This led to the name of the country soldiers and sailors, one of the many local names of this old garden plant.

near the border with the teaching of other plants, its proximity, but a surprising coincidence, because they are all cottage garden plants. Honesty, with silver sheaths appear oval moons, they say to cure madness, madness was caused by the full moon, and this is reflected in the generic name

. I can also see the white tips of the bloody double pushed through the leaf mold, but are about to explode in the pristine flowers, no leaves. And here, in the shadows is the lesser celandine, yellow petals on again to get sunlight, bunches of tubers that give the names of others of lesser celandine. Each tuber is expelled a new plant, which is not appreciated by gardeners unless, like mine, are plants purple leaves of Brazen Hussy '.


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