Saturday, March 24, 2012

lawyers criticize the changes that could hide sensitive information on state complicity in the torture and threaten the process open


and intelligence will be able to cover sensitive information related to state complicity in the torture and the secret transfer, in the controversial plan that could be included in the discourse of Queen in May.


Justice Ministry sources say that the plans presented for the first time in a Green Paper in October last year, is likely to be included in a bill of justice in the next session Parliament in a move that critics say will hurt the British tradition of open justice.

The plan could mean that the material called closed proceedings - in which secret evidence is retained by the complainant and the press in a closed court - would be introduced more widely in civil law. This would allow the government or its agencies to defend serious allegations, knowing that would never dangerous.

examples of cases where opponents say it could be required in such proceedings are those in which victims of torture to sue the government, which has conducted surveys regarding soldiers killed by friendly fire, or when the actions were filed alleging negligence of the police.

The plaintiffs are represented by special counsel would be excluded to examine the evidence with them. Although the government continues to present a total of 69 special counsel appointed, 57 have signed a strike in response to the proposal - say there is no reason to justify such radical changes

that promotes the rule of law worldwide, said that the government's plan, if in force at the time, would have meant the torture of British resident Binyam Mohamed n have never been public. Binyam Mohamed spent just under seven years in prison - four of them in the Guantanamo Bay camp in Cuba to the United States

He and six other men who claim they were tortured and that the British government did nothing to help millions of books received compensation in November 2010.

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