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Councillors have to decide between the incomes of the parties and environmental issues are on Ilkley Moor

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George Galloway

encourage ongoing policy is likely to win new laurels in Bradford West, where the election of a successor to Marsha Singh is running.

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its streets, in the eloquent words of the complaint, is in full swing as well as Election Day approaches -. March 29 only nine days on

The work done by the City Council is seeking views on the problems grouse is not a particularly practical Bradfordian, one might think, but remember that the area council includes large areas of grass and heather between the Aire and Calder valleys - Bronte Country - and Ilkley Moor. It is the latter which is the heart of current debate, because the advice of your property, and grouse-shooters is rented for £ 10 000 per year.

This is an interesting offer for an activity that took place in just six days last year and perhaps not more than eight of every year, between the "Glorious 12" August and late season grouse issues in December. Rent is now assessing the impact of the environment, which caused protests from a number of groups like Friends of Ilkley Moor.

rights were the final blow in 2008, the Association of Real Bingley Moor, with each side entitled to terminate the contract after five years with six months notice in advance. Report to Council outlines the advantages and disadvantages, and urges consultation with a long list of interested parties including English Heritage, the Association Paramo, Natural England and the Ilkley Parish Council and the Chamber of Commerce.
. If successful, Galloway may be interested in one of the strangest properties in the area you just enter the market. The old water pumping station on the edge of the moors above Ilkley is for sale for £ 765,000. Details of Realtors say:

was exquisitely renovated to create an ├╝ber contemporary housing, which has no comparison. The massive oak staircase leads upstairs offers an open plan living with balcony parapet, an ideal place to relax with a martini with vodka, perhaps! In addition, attention to details, like the bathroom specially commissioned imported Italian marble helps create a luxurious finish throughout. The property is packed with state of the technology including speakers General of all the rooms with LAN points, a double garage of water lift German engineering, infrared cameras, high security and an intercom system with electric doors. This is a property of James Bond to be proud of and could be .... For your eyes only.

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