Sunday, March 18, 2012

After rewriting, David Cameron, Bill Justice, rehabilitation revolution Kenneth Clarke is on the rag

The illusion disappeared shortly Liberal government with the publication of the condemnation of the bill Tuesday. The Promise Rose Garden had been encouraged by a quiet coalition for progressive values ??and guided by reason. This promise was fulfilled briefly by Justice Secretary Ken Clarke. Last year, I was ready to release 20 years of thought, with a Green Paper acknowledged that the drift towards Britain mass incarceration has been the imposition of an unacceptable human and financial cost. It has now been decisively broken by a Prime Minister who once said to be a Liberal Conservative.

But the greatest shame of this disgraceful story is reserved for the Prime Minister. Where reasoned objections belatedly bowed to the NHS, this time was intimidated by the tabloids. After Clarke backed the plans behind closed doors, away in public, calling his character into question the day after an investigation by The Guardian / ICM revealed that his personal qualities had plunged into negative territory. Cameron has long faced in both directions on crime, but on Tuesday he made up his mind and jumped right into the overheating of the "two strikes and you're out" lifers, once associated with Michael Howard , the interior minister who has worked as a junior. Despite its conservative flavor reinvention of liberal nose now take a niff of the unpleasant part of antiquity.

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