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100 Greatest Stephen Fry
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100 Greatest Gadgets Stephen Fry


, Channel 4

Stephen Fry has become a sort of go-to guy when broadcasters and newspapers want a view of technology comes with a handful of times concise, unlike insider knowledge technophile impenetrable. As such, the obsession of Apple - who is credited with 50 Macs - is exhausted the list of major appliances, from the mundane (the lover) through fashion (the Soda Stream) to the truly revolutionary (the iPod). Charlie Brooker help in this parish, Jo Brand and Heston Blumenthal. Ben Arnold

Summer holidays

Ruth Jones

22:00, BBC2

The third season of chatshows Ruth Jones offers the rare opportunity to see Jonathan Ross in the role of the interviewee. Any hope of a barbecue in remuneration packages and extravagant Sachsgate is likely to be disappointed by the questions Puffball Jones, but Ross is an interesting guest and the crackle between him, Steven Green Wing Mangan and Sarah Millican as stand-readable , undemanding.

Gwilym Mumford

Jamelia: Shame About single mothers

21:00, BBC3

In the desperate struggle to contextualize the recent riots, much focus has been the erosion of the nuclear family and concomitantly, the situation of single mothers. The pop star Jamelia - herself a single mother - survey of historical and current attitudes towards single mothers, and found consistent evidence of abuse and victimization, the asylums of Victorian England, the sentencing statements by the Major government in being a single mother in the 90s.

Here Lucy Worsley, the launch of a mischievous smile to the camera, explaining why the Regency period - between 1811, when George III was deemed unfit to govern, and 1820, when Prince Regent became George IV - was a radical point of British social history. She dressed in clothes, trying to dance routines, walking on errands and generally bringing the period of life, like a romp through Jane Austen novel. Worsley is also enthusiastic history teacher, he never had, you want to make learning as enjoyable as possible.
Martin Skegg

Dallaglio World Cup
21:00, ITV4

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