Saturday, March 24, 2012

Border Services Agency

"control file" is used as a "dumping ground" for cases in which it was abandoned, said the commission

The number of asylum seekers and migrants from the Customs Agency in the UK has lost contact with exploded from 18,000 to 124,000 last year, according to a report MPs critical.

The House of Commons Home Affairs Committee said that the size of the case "Control File" agency lost is equal to the population of Cambridge and is used as a "dumping ground" for the case were given above.

Deputies said that the majority of cases, 80,000 were referred the case to help clear a backlog of long-term asylum, and the remaining 40,000 cases were pending migration.

The agency said the cases were transferred only in the control file after being checked against watch lists of six months and its best efforts to find candidates - who had lost contact with a few years earlier - had failed.

But MPs say. "The control file has become a dumping ground for cases where the agency left"

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Working Committee on Home Affairs, said that there was no reason why the file needs to develop further the backlog of asylum applications the year cases involving dating to 455,000 years of 1990 and the review of cases pending migration had been completed.

". UKBA still the service is efficient, Parliament is expected that 18,000 files last November efficient, [file] increased by 124,000 - the equivalent of the population of Cambridge,"

Vaz said
The report on the work of the agency also criticized its lack of explanation of why 350 foreign prisoners who should have been deported after serving their sentences remain in the country. MEPs also find it disturbing that only 500 of 1,300 other prisoners who were foreign nationals were released in 2010-11 deportation orders.

Members also questioned the value of David Cameron's call for the public to report illegal immigrants when the agency can not disclose how many have left the country following a such intelligence.

Immigration Minister, Damian Green, insisted the situation was the product of chaotic immigration system he inherited. "This government is working to correct past mistakes by making better decisions," he said.'' We're making real progress against the file to follow these people.

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