Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a school for working class heroes

Waterhouse Square, the imposition of a court of brick columns and arches in central London, is where the training session this month to the Uprising Leadership program , a kind of late School Bright Young Things from less advantaged backgrounds.

in a plush conference room at the offices of the international law firm Wragge & Co, about 40 young people from London and Bedford, aged between 19 and 25, listen carefully speaker business , charities and community groups. They ask questions on subjects as diverse as urban regeneration, the riots in London and managing conflicts between community groups and developers.

"What we're trying to do is to identify young people who have the potential to be leaders and equip them with skills to do it," said Malik Alveena, 38, director of the insurgency, he added that the nine-month program is as intense as the time a master of the room.

To become a UpRiser, as participants are called, the recruits must demonstrate involvement in their commitment to the community, perhaps, volunteering, or organizing events as well as the passion on social issues.

"It is important, what is unique about the survey is that we are looking for kids who want to grow personally to give back to their local communities," said Malik said .. "We know that many people think that our current leaders are not representative, so we want to connect young people with the potential to become leaders in energy, while ensuring they remain connected to their communities. "

"The only thing that young people lack social capital," said Malik. "They have great potential, enormous huge amounts of motivation and awareness of problems in their local context and some solutions is incredibly impressive. "From a two-day retreat, the program continues with a visit to organizations like the BBC, talks on issues such as conflict resolution and an ongoing project of the social action to benefit their region. Each also receives a UpRiser mentor, based on his contacts and experience to help load your progress in your career.

"From the moment they arrive to us from when the change is incredible just nine months - .. That's all I needed," said Malik

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