Saturday, March 24, 2012

high-performance systems based on management statistics are the future of elite sport, expert says Professor Bill Gerrard

If you saw the coverage of live football recently, you've probably seen an analysis of high technology, with touch screens and bold graphics. The analysis is based on the evidence seen in a game this data collection and analysis has emerged as an accepted practice, if it is not expected, a part of modern programs of elite sport.


data are used not only on television. They are all around us, in leagues fiction, video games and online gaming operator.

And the variety of statistics available today means that it is not only the line that is of interest. Now we are given all kinds of figures like the number of graduates, distance or time in the penalty box. People are used to hearing about the sports and business data prozone Opt. The Premier League has come to consider using the new technology embodied in the players' jerseys to control temperature and heart rate, so you can see what a player is nervous before a major penalty.

Speaking at the British Science Festival Bradford, on Thursday, Professor Bill Gerrard, an expert in sports management and finance from the University of Leeds Business School, believes that this Such an approach gives a complete picture and can be improved to help players and teams.

work with the current Premiership champions Aviva Saracens rugby team, Gerrard has developed what he calls, a performance management system based on statistics.

This system is based on data of experts established by the coaches based on their system of play equipment.

expert added
This assessment takes into account the quality and relevance of the actions of a player and not just by counting the number of tackles and throw-ins.

Coaches can see how, if the actions of a player are a team plan, and how they do. If things go as planned, then to the right could mean returning to school to improve decision making or a training camp to work on the ability of a player.
So look for ways in which players have done and not just quantity.

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