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mystery in English These birds are only members of its kind in England to show a particular behavior (including video)

Vanellus vanellus


Tringa Vanellus ), Linnaeus, 1758 also known such as the piping common Eurasian lapwing, plover, plover and green, as Lapwing or (in the British Isles) and the lapwing, photographed in Flashes Sandbach, Cheshire, England (British Isles).

picture: .. Roy Hill January 5, 2012 (with permission) [velociraptorize] 5DMKII Canon 135mm f / 2 to 1.4 converter

Exposure: 1/1600s, f / 5, ISO 200


My view was challenged hard by this mysterious bird photography - so I'm sure I must get some kind of glasses correction!

English mystery These birds are only members of its kind in England to show a particular behavior, this behavior is that? I also have some questions for others, questions that I must accept the word of the photographer, and I can not see the birds well enough to answer me. Are all birds of the same species? Can you identify these birds of the taxonomic family and species?


is a flock of lapwings,

Vanellus vanellus
, giving turns on the photographer's head as he fell to his knees in a swamp. (Well, I do not know if the "sinking in a swamp" part is true, but it sounded good!) According to the photographer, all the birds in this picture are the same species and because he really could not see even with a magnifying glass I believed him. Since then he has continued to torture me by sending me a bigger picture and yes, now I really do, because I can see the birds for me!

The lapwing is a plover (Family: Charadriidae) which is common in much of the Palearctic, located throughout Europe west of Russia, Kazakhstan to the south and eastern Siberia, Mongolia and northern China. This species winters in Western Europe, including the British Isles, where he was photographed this herd, the Mediterranean and throughout Eurasia and southern Japan. Initially, I had seen this species in winter, while living in Japan.

The lapwing is a wading bird plumage modeled, which is typical in most of his fellows. This species is remarkable because (1) is the only immigration Vanellus

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