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birds have made the leap into orbit, but are in danger of jumping the shark?

By the way, you can not blame a lack of Rovio Angry Birds, the space ambitions of their fourth game birds angry.

The announcement was transmitted to Earth from the International Space Station, the day of launch of the company, in turn saw the Space Needle in Seattle in a sling giant, and the game itself itself is being promoted Through partnerships with NASA, National Geographic, Nickelodeon and Samsung.


the game is a great thing, and it is understandable given the discharge of over 700 titles of previous anger, angry Birds Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. The new version allows you to check all the marketing boxes double, but the important question is how it compares as a standalone game.



Angry Birds has launched two mobile platforms - Android and IOS - and a PC version sold by Rovio own website, and a Mac version is available on Apple Mac App Store.

Prices vary

: 69p on the iPhone, iPad £ 1.99, £ 2.99 for Mac, PC ? 5.95 (just under 5 pounds), and a choice of free with ads or a payment without advertising the Android version.

Yes, Angry Birds in space, even if they have brought with him his pork and eggs stolen from enemies framework to feel at home. As before, the pigs are hiding in the wood and stone structures that must be destroyed by birds catapult them.

The game includes 60 levels divided into two zones: the pork and sausages Bang. Another 30 are available on levels of so-called danger zone, opened with an extra 69p shopping application (IAP). Rovio said areas and levels will continue in the coming months.

What's new?

The adjustment is not just for show. As catapults many birds around space rocks, which are subject to the gravity of planets, adding an extra layer to the system based game physics. Sometimes they will pull through the fields of two or more planets gravity, which requires a strong mind.

new birds, too. A bluebird, the pump Place ice freezes the landscape and pigs, which were created to be beaten by the next shot. Meanwhile, the green monster bird is heavier than their peers, while the Red Bird has more than a great effect of the grenade caused by touch.

Yes, all three are sold as stuffed toys in the near future. How did you guess?

There is new energy to replace the mighty eagle of the previous game. Spatial eagles can be activated at any time, and see a giant bird dough through a wormhole to squash something nearby.

Unlike the mighty eagle, which cost 69p for IPA, this is not a payment once and use forever, the start-up. Instead, you can beat the Eagles in the space of a single use throughout the game - from time to time gave you three - or purchased in a variety of packages. 20 to 69p, £ 1.99 for 80, £ 5.49 to £ 13.99 for 280 or 980.


Angry Birds also includes five mini-games (or "Eggsteroids") as a nod to older games: Space Invaders, small group, Super Mario Bros, etc.. They are released by the bombing of five golden eggs hidden in five of the main game levels.

the good parts

gravitational fields and birds of new adding new elements to make room Angry Birds do not feel like a rehash of the formula for people who have played a part or all of the previous games, also.

room for improvement

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