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efforts to discredit climate change launches fundraising campaign in the back of the dispute over the documents online

the Heartland Institute, a free market think tank behind efforts to discredit the teaching of science to climate change in schools, launched a campaign to attract new funds, on Thursday after Confidential documents were published online without their consent.

The think tank has issued a new appeal to donors on its website after the documents were published online by DeSmogBlog, a website monitoring attempts to discredit climate change.

The documents include details of where the institute gets its money and people and the projects it funds.

plan projected expenditures of $ 100,000 (£ 64,000) to spread the message in schools that "the issue of climate change is controversial and uncertain, two key points that are effective in deterring teachers the science education ", according to documents.

Heartland maintain documentation on DeSmogBlog were obtained through deception, and one was false. He appealed to journalists to retract stories based on documents.

But Heartland has made the publication of confidential documents called "a line on hold" in the heart of its appeal to attract new funds.

"leftist groups committed fraud, a review of the strategy of releasing false to attack the Heartland Institute. We fight," said the appeal, directing readers to a page where they are asked to give $ 5,000 in exchange for being invited to networking events.


also come to call potential donors with e-mail, according to Jim Lakely, director of communications.

He did not respond to a request to characterize the campaign, or send a copy e-mail fundraising. He also declined to comment on the authenticity of a fundraising email obtained by Mother Jones site on Thursday.

Heartland oriented orchestrated effort to discredit climate change. He also raised questions about the sources of support Heartland.

over the years, the study center has relied heavily on a single anonymous donor to fund their efforts to ridicule the work of the UN body on climate and other projects . The unknown donor, who gave $ 4.6 million in 2008, since contributions to scale back.

However, the contribution of donors of $ 979 000 in 2011 represented 20% of the total budget of Heartland, in terms of fundraising, he said.

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