Saturday, March 10, 2012

naturalist Nigel Keer keeps a scorecard of reactions, but their findings did not help him avoid a penalty of £ 315

incoherent sounds like a complete no-no for me, but it has a long tradition in the UK. The last defender of its supposed virtues is Nigel Keer has been fined for the practice of Otley Chevin, a place that Penny and I frequent, but still fully clothed.

Keer was convicted of an offense against public order after wandering around the stiff boots with a backpack and a baseball cap.

naturist is seven years and has developed an interesting twist on previous attempts by hikers to enforce this kind of freedom that have been crushed by the courts. Chevin when it was released, remained a scoring system reactions of passersby, and claimed to have received approval from 15-0, when unfortunately he met a police officer out of service.

Leeds magistrates heard a pleasant hour or so of the evidence, including a description of PC Mark Buxton of "grimace" in the face of a dog walker who was also nearby. He told the court that was originally conducted with his daily course, but then made a DoubleTake.

was so shocked and surprised, and somewhat alarmed by what I saw.

After stopping Keer, told to dress, the walker herbal fern and blueberries overlooking a beautiful stretch of lower Wharfedale absently. He had his clothes in the backpack.

Keer was fined £ 315 for what the prosecutor Catherine Dowson called "an exercise in search of pure attention and injustice." Judge Christopher Darnton, sentencing, says:

Keer said he did not believe Ms. frowned and said that ever lived:

am not satisfied with the decision and I intend to appeal. Surprised to see a naturopath, as you walk do not think it would be very different to see a steam train on the East Coast Main Line.

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