Monday, October 8, 2012

Help us popularize 10 more British species, giving them a colorful common name Last year we gave to Hotlips Octospora Humosa Ascot hat

Xerocomus bubalinus

. In 2010, he helped set the

Megapenthes lugens

Lucernariopsis cruxmelitensis


Arrhis phyllonyx

the life of Queen executioner beetle, beetle flashlight Mab, San Juan jellyfish and sea shrimp miller

Today we invite the other 10 species popularize Colombia, giving them a colorful common name to go with their cold classification America. A sea slug, barnacles and wasps are some of the species we asking you to name, because - like most British species - currently lacks a common name. 10 are endangered or threatened in some way.

Guardian readers overwhelmingly responded to our last two years of the species name of a contest, and this year we expect to more playful and intelligent suggestions based on the physical characteristics of the species, behavior, etc.. See the following tips on creating a name.

Our panel of experts will judge the entries. The names of winners will be published in the Guardian and the winners receive a commemorative certificate from Natural England.

Just click on the links below to submit your ideas for names in the comments:

. Peachia cylindrica - Lurker in the sand
Pocota personata - Hoverfly in disguise
. Poecilobothrus nobilitatus
- Glittering green fly
. Sacculina carcini
- A parasite goose

Tips on names:

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