Saturday, October 6, 2012

David Cameron accused of failing to modernize the Conservative Political Director Exchange, Neil O'Brien

David Cameron, failed to stop the image of the Conservatives as the party of the rich and pays the price as preservatives struggling to broaden its appeal to urban areas in northern England, according to focus group favorite chef Downing Street.

In a scathing critique of the modernization project of the Prime Minister faltering, the exchange rate policy director, Neil O'Brien, calls for urgent renewal round, given the failure of Cameron cure " wounds worst game. "

writes for The Guardian, on the eve of the Conservative conference in Birmingham, said O'Brien. ". Conservatives desperately need another round of renovations to modernize Tory has not healed the wounds of the worst party is considered the party of the rich. Ago poor in urban areas, especially outside the South is. "

In response

O'Brien, the study center has been called intellectual power "Cameroon", reflects the concerns of many that the modernizers project to detoxify the image of the Conservatives was recorded. It was designed to show that the Conservatives, who were described in 2002 by the famous Theresa May, the current Minister of the Interior, as the "nasty party" reflects modern, diverse Britain. Famous Cameron broke with the past , highlighting their ecological qualities, posing with huskies during a visit to Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic in 2006.

Friday, in another blow to the government, the head of the environment in Europe highlight the EU's concerns that the coalition fails to live up to its promise of becoming greener British government always accusing critics of environmental legislation making "false" allegations.

Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, told the Guardian that politicians suggest that environmental legislation is a burden "very little help, because it is not true. '

The Commissioner has not appointed a Conservative minister. But Chancellor George Osborne has criticized the regulation green.

Moreover, in an interview with The Guardian conservative before the conference, the new culture secretary, Maria Miller, said that the government was gradually rises up to 2 million drop in tax revenues .

"Obviously Cameron should ignore calls from the usual suspects lurch to the right. But the solution is not as simple as turning inward. After all, most voters views hostile crime, welfare and immigration. What is needed is a modernization of blue-collar workers concentrated in Northern Ireland. "

middle persistent concern that the British Conservative Party to attract ethnic minority communities, O'Brien asked the Prime Minister to waive the "cricket test" established by Lord Tebbit. The former conservative president famously said in 1990 that members of minority communities could not be considered fully if they supported the British cricket team in their country of origin rather than in England.

"Support to Pakistan or the Windies in cricket there is more evidence that someone has managed to integrate to wear a kilt for a wedding is a test of Jacobite sympathies. Maybe intensely British, but want to stay in the family history. "

prime minister on Saturday to try to end a problem that has damaged the Tory brand - Andrew Lansley health reforms -. When a fund of £ 140m to help reduce paperwork

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