Wednesday, October 17, 2012


giant revealed plans to work with local authorities to install energy efficiency measures to complete houses

Balfour Beatty is partnering with a number of local authorities in a move that could see thousands of energy efficiency measures installed in homes across the country in the next government Green Deal and ECO systems.

BusinessGreen has learned the construction giant is in talks with at least two local authorities on policies that the Corporation to manage the implementation of energy efficiency improvements subsidized households suffering from fuel shortage.

Local authorities should play an important role in promoting the implementation of the Green Deal program, which will provide loans to homeowners and businesses to enable them to implement energy efficiency measures at no upfront cost. Loans attached to the property, rather than internal, while the element of ECO regime provide significant subsidies for loans to households who are difficult to treat and fuel poverty.

Several local authorities should offer suppliers of green, which means that you will be responsible for coordinating financial and improvements for homes and businesses. Newcastle and Birmingham councils are among delivery partners and research systems of several million pounds authorized by the Green Deal.

Speaking to BusinessGreen

Mike Peasland, CEO of Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK, said the company was in the process of signing agreements with two local authorities to provide and manage active projects in farms with between 200 and 300 homes.

Peasland said that work on the project should begin in the last quarter of 2012, adding that Balfour Beatty was looking for a partnership with local authorities on similar projects.

large projects tend to be crucial to the success of the Green Deal, the economies of scale and the ability of boards to borrow or central banks to lower rates should maximize improvements in energy efficiency level that can be provided.
Peasland predicted

partnership agreements would reduce the project cost by 10-15 per cent.
But despite his confidence that the work begun in 2013, has raised new doubts about the overall success of the Green Deal and urged the Government to inject more capital into the system.

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