Sunday, October 28, 2012

Owen Paterson appoint as secretary of the environment shows how the government false green credentials were always

So that's it then. The final piece of the credibility of the "greenest government ever" was doused with gasoline and burned with an occasional movement of a gold lighter. Visit Owen Paterson as secretary of the environment is a declaration of war on the environment, and another sign that the party of law - fiercely opposed to anything that prevents doing business you want -. has won

With signs that the government is prepared to renege on his promise not to build a third runway at Heathrow (Transport Secretary Justine Greening, fiercely opposed to the idea, he lost his job yesterday) This appointment reinforces the impression that Cameron said environmentalism is - and always has been -. false

Paterson is steeped in the mythologies of the anti-environment. A letter about wind farms that sent his district council is full of nonsense guy Collegiate constantly repeated by climate change deniers. For example, expressed the belief that if the capacity factor of a wind turbine is 30%, which means that "there is sufficient wind to produce useful electricity, typically only 30% of the time."


these errors are not surprising: a large part of the letter has been cut and pasted word for word, without acknowledgment or caution, in an article published by a group of anti farmer wind-called Country Guardian. Environmental secretary, Paterson must weigh conflicting claims and making decisions based on the best available evidence. Although Paterson will not be responsible for energy policy, cut and paste this to make sense of what you're facing.

Perhaps it is this sentiment and stated that his new job. His predecessor in the environment, Caroline Spelman, but ruined by some junior ministers terrible (the worst of which remains in position), and so wildly inconsistent in certain areas (such as killing badgers), at least seems to understand that we are in the in the midst of an environmental crisis and the measures to be taken. This could explain why it is said that they have no voice within.

remodeling of coalition politics pushes against Republican Tea Party: in denial on the problems underlying limitations prevent democratic business ready to treat the planet as a hub garbage. Quote from Paterson seems to illustrate the change.

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