Monday, October 29, 2012

planet last great global glaciation melting left a generous and mild climate in which civilization has collapsed: official announcement! Fusion a serious threat to civilization

Our planet is waving the white flag of surrender. But because the flag pole becomes increasingly tattered holes burned ocean warming, humanity is increasingly heating pumps gas in air balloon.

The history of the Arctic ice cap is the history of modern ecology. In 1968, satellites began documenting the vast field of ice covering the North Pole, the iconic image was transmitted to the ground Earthrise. The study revealed a world of breathtaking beauty, deep blue oceans and green continents and crowned with at least 8 million square kilometers of ice brilliant. The kickstart image of green global movement.

In 2007, a new record for Arctic sea ice summer minimum is reduced by half. This flag furiously attention. That year, scientists from around the world declared at the end of a doubt that our dependence on fossil fuels is changing the face of the planet. Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth presented and the world seemed he could act.

Today, this record was beaten in 2007 and the white flag flash flashing rathering overwritten. But the greatest danger is that even if the alarm is frayed.

seems that we are willing to take that risk. Shrinking ice has opened up new avenues for decisive action in the fight against global climate change. However, in a cruel twist of fate, the new channels are used for oil and gas exploration, unearthing many of the same fuels global player.

decades from now, will the sea ice record low today considered when our earthly paradise passed away and entered a new era in hell? I sincerely hope not, but with the international distress to avoid attention, I fear the worst.

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