Wednesday, October 10, 2012


mental health occupies a place in the spotlight

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Day World Mental Health

. Write to SocietyGuardian Mary O'Hara said that today is the 20th anniversary of the World Day of Mental Health, and this year, deserves special attention:

WMHD is traditionally a time when mental health professionals, lawyers and service users in the UK and beyond, review what has been accomplished and what remains to be done . This year, with the austerity programs are underway in many countries and a deep economic depression that shows few signs of abating, the World Federation for Mental Health, which oversees WMHD, highlights the risks faced by people in difficulty.

WMHD not always attract advertising should be. Maybe you need more famous. If there was ever a time to take stock, reflect and question, perhaps at this moment. In times of economic hardship extraordinary services not only threatened the prevalence of mental illness. The stress of job loss, debt, family breakdown and a host of other misfortunes swell the ranks of those who need help. Those who fight to save services in Camden, Salford and elsewhere are well aware. All credit to them for not giving up. Credit and also people who support and encourage them, famous or not.

The theme this year is depression: a global crisis, and the writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone, whose picture book Living with a black dog described his own experience of depression, has created an animation for World Mental Health. The site has a selection NHS stuff "moodzone" offer on how to cope with stress, anxiety or depression, as well as links to other useful organizations. The blog of the Dragon Best great friend has created an archive of messages on mental health. World Day of Mental Health is also a good time to read this recent post on the blog of Paul Brook Dippyman, which takes an image that symbolizes the past year - and literally sees light at end of tunnel Learn more about the World Day of Mental Health through Twitter with the hashtag # worldmentalhealthday

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