Sunday, October 14, 2012

Labour Council in Stoke on Trent was the only offer of money back from two weeks to weekly garbage pick-up

Only a single Council England responded to the cross by community secretary, Eric Pickles, against the "Board of Tali-bin" cash bid for return to weekly bin collections a new study.


had claimed "most people would prefer to see a weekly collection" and his ministry found £ 250 million in September to help the 42% of municipalities do not make weekly collections. But freedom of information requests to all councils in England showed that only the Labour Council in Stoke-on-Trent bid for money to finance the return of fifteen days weekly garbage pick-up.

The requests made by the magazine World Trade Materials Recycling (MRW), also revealed that only 13% of councils in England made an offer to keep existing collections weekly.

"The response indicates most local authorities do not believe that a mass return of the weekly collection of residual waste is a positive step," said John Skidmore, the Chartered Institute of Waste Management. "To me, it underscores the fact that the government's thinking on this issue is out of line and updated."

Gavin Shuker "It is fair to say that the fund had 166 Pickles offers, but the vast majority of which have nothing to do with garbage traditional weekly laps, but instead of recycling service sheet as food waste and diapers, "said the journalist James Illman MRW. "Ironically, many boards offer liquidity to finance waste collection once per week food ridiculed by Mr. Pickles as" slop buckets. "

contact the 353 councils in England. Of the 251 respondents, 56% made no attempt at all. Of the 110 who made the offer, only 32 (13%) received funding to continue existing weekly collections of general waste at the site, while Stoke was the only advice I wanted to respond to reset a weekly collection . Most offers are projects to improve recycling and other aspects of waste management.

A significant number of councils - 42 - the money needed to fund the weekly collection of food waste. But this form of weekly collection was not the target of ? 250 million fund Pickles. In December, a senior DCLG David Prout told a committee of MPs funding was only available for systems "restoration or conservation of a collection of weekly black bag -. In other words, for a home and get your weekly crumb "
Waste consultant Philip Ward, a former shelter and Development Department of the Environment, Food, said it was clear that counsel wanted weekly collections for food waste and not general "black briefcase" garbage. "They see that this is the best way to deal with smelly garbage and improve the value of materials collected. Hopefully a minister who claims to believe in localism will save the authorities and stop of try to bribe tips You can do what you want. "

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