Friday, October 5, 2012

is International Walk to School month, so here are some ideas to increase environmental awareness and to encourage students to walk to class

congestion with cars speaks allowing children and collect a daily problem for new schools, not only cause problems for local residents, but also contribute to global pollution.

And not only the health of the planet suffers. Air pollution, according to a report by the Policy Exchange, is second only to smoking as a risk to public health.

This month begins the Month International Walk to School, an initiative to encourage children to use their legs and walking. Not only for the health benefits but also as a way to make students and parents more aware of the environmental benefits of walking to school.


congestion has long been a subject of Mike Green, director of the Bank sunny Elementary School in Bury, Lancashire. But in 2005, the school was one of the first in the region to have their travel plans approved by the local authority. Sunny Bank plans trip was mainly designed to solve the problems of congestion at peak hours, and a lack of diversity in how children and their parents went to school. The result required parking restrictions around the school and funding a fleet of bikes and scooters on the site. The school has participated in a number of initiatives WOW (Walk on Wednesday or walk once a week) Calles supported living charity.

Green said: "Since he took part in the WOW program, our walking school bus formed the bus is driven by a group of parents and grandparents unconditional take passengers to points designated route in the road .. the risk has been assessed by the local authority and the board agreed bus stops are marked on the pavement. This led to our participation in the march organized by giant bus brake body national charity. ".

One of the main benefits of the school was fallout in other environmental activities such as bicycle system is managed by Sustrans, which encourages children to bike or scooter to school.

Green said: "Our official Bike-It runs all types of events, including bicycles balance sessions or throw your stabilizers day for children, in addition to ongoing maintenance bike rides cycling and things like pedal Big monitored, a bike ride around Britain, where every bike ride virtual school to earn miles. "

"As part of the Month International Walk to school, I organized the parents are able to park in the parking lot of the church or in the parking lot of the youth and then gave each child a passport. There were three main roads that could lead to the school and I hid flags of different countries for them to find their way in. It was great, even if it meant he was at 5.30am the status of many in my car sticking flags in the trees. "

Bedwell says the benefits are three schemes for school, reducing congestion around the school, improving the social aspect of going to school as children, parents and teachers reach cat on the road and promote greater awareness of how small steps taken locally can have an impact on the global environment.

Living street campaigns
enjoy good success with primary schools - but what can teachers in secondary schools to get their students to walk

School Boldon, Boldon Colliery, students participated in an initiative Unleash your feet. Assistant Professor David Fairclough said: We assembled and talked about the benefits to health and the environment of the running. We gave them all the days of the week your feet and free to be able to track how far they had gone. We try to encourage them to do at least one day per week or at least come on their bikes. They have a symbol that has become very popular and at the end of it there was a reward of £ 50 for the person who had done the most miles. "
It is fortunate that the habit of walking and cycling was continued at school and the school to focus on it for a week every year to try to bring light to their importance for .

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