Thursday, October 4, 2012

It is a fertile ground for food production more efficient, but scientists do not abuse your hand

protesters gathered at the weekend

Rothamsted Research, North London, which threatens to destroy a field of genetically modified wheat. In the case of protest, called Take Back the flour was relatively underserved, the police were in force and all ended peacefully. It is a far cry from 1990, when the Friends of the Earth have been launching raids on crops experimental anti-radiation suits. Activists last weekend wearing T-shirts and looked like a picnic. More importantly, when London Green Jenny Jones said he would join them, Twitterstorm criticized. It begins to feel as if scientists are winning the debate on GMOs.

It is a fertile soil for food production more efficient. But scientists do not overdo his hand. Natural science is the answer. But there is a simple choice between GM and underweight. The world is made to produce more food in the most difficult circumstances, but also to other crises:. Intermediate control for farmers, the damage caused by speculation and extravagance simple

And although there is little evidence that the consequences of the prophecies correspond GM (in particular, the potential risks to the health of consumers), which is not very far from saying that each proposal will be a good or unintended consequences, such as viral mutation or the appearance of a parasite were not considered, can be avoided. Science has some answers to a hungry world and I think GM could be one of them. This is what happens.

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