Sunday, October 7, 2012

first major retailer in the UK to meet their sustainable development goals says the results show that there is a strong business case for going green

M & S became the first major retailer in the UK to be fully "carbon neutral", the company said Thursday, five years after the release of their sustainable development project, the Plan " A '.

But despite the company's progress in meeting many of the goals of the program, its management admit disappointment at the failure of some of the most ambitious challenges, such as food sales have tripled and beverages.

The 2012 How We Do Business Report, released Thursday, detailing the progress of the 180 commitments to ensure sustainability at the heart of all aspects of its activities, including its chain international supply complex.

social and environmental issues addressed by M & S range of energy saving and carbon emissions for fair trade and the welfare of animals. Of waste management to sustainable supply of timber and fish

In 2010, a plan was announced long one with 80 new commitments to achieve by the year 2015 and the ultimate goal to become the largest retailer in the world more sustainable.

retailer aims to triple sales of organic foods and beverages in 2012. But while sales of Fairtrade products grew by 88%, and organic products are very popular in its 300 cafes - Sales of organic products in stores remain broadly the same as in 2007

And also fell slightly below its target for 2012 100% wood, such as utensils and furniture, FSC or equivalent or be recycled, and stated that the figure was 84 %.

Mike Barry, head of sustainable business at M & S, said: "There are some disappointments, but these are difficult economic times and M & S deserves to eight out of ten substantial progress during the first five years of A. The plan detailed assessment initiative successful business model. look forward to working with our 21 million customers to move forward in 2020. "

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