Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Liberal Democrats convinced that the energy chief John Hayes newspapers that wind farms are no longer needed

A blistering row erupted within the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) after the Liberal Democrat energy secretary, Ed Davey, frustrated with his new Conservative minister of State to argue that onshore wind farms more needed to be built in Britain.

in interviews, John Hayes said the country was "peppered" in onshore wind farms and that "enough is enough". He was quoted as saying that the number of wind turbines in the UK "seems extraordinary" and "we can not have turbines on communities."

A source said that the minister had planned to make remarks in a speech Tuesday night, but were ordered to remove them by Davey if to give a speech.

The source said. . "What it was not government policy, government policy could be that the Conservative Party would you energy policy, but it is not responsible for the policies on renewables its : he must keep the coalition agreement, which is in favor of renewable energy and achieve our statutory objectives of the EU 2020

"It was very stupid to give interviews to the Telegraph and mail in a speech he was not allowed to give birth.

"The only way we will achieve our goals is to include renewable energy which is ultimately a form of cheap energy, and in some parts of Wales and Scotland is popular. "

Decc admits that if the number of onshore wind farms already built, under construction and research building is constructed, the UK probably have enough land to meet its renewable targets. But the source said that it was totally wrong to say at this stage that there is more wind farms are built.

Davey took control strategy based renewable Hayes, and left the Conservative minister responsible for delivery.

Hayes returned this morning from Scotland to speak with Davey amid signs that a frank discussion will be needed for harmonious relations and build partnerships around the next electricity bill.

In media interviews, Mr. Hayes. "Alone can not build a new Jerusalem, but I can not protect our green and pleasant land"

He continued. "If you look at what has been built, which has obtained the consent and what is in the planning system, many of them will not pass and will be rejected Although a minority of what is in the system is built it will reach our renewable energy [2020] white ... I mean, that's enough. "

David Cameron has tried to put an end to the dispute in question the Prime Minister to the House of Commons, insisting that there had been no change in government policy.

"What we are consulting on ways to ensure that local communities feel the benefits of hosting wind farms, and if our understanding of future costs is correct.

"onshore wind is one of the cheapest sources of renewable energy, while we were able to reduce the subsidy. This has an important role to play in our energy future."

Caroline Flint, Labour shadow Davey, said the Conservative-Lib Dem on row shows wind farms in the UK has "a disaster of a Conservative government led by the same agreement with him same. "

Flint said: "onshore wind is the cheapest and most developed clean energy if the government tries to rob Peter to pay Paul and cuts support wind energy, which may let the public higher bills .. "
line came as the renewable energy sector in Glasgow gathered for their annual conference.

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