Sunday, October 14, 2012

We heard Democrats and Republicans and their promises before Wall Street-based policies have failed. Time to go green

President Obama and Governor Romney talks a lot about how they will save the economy. But it does not take a genius to recognize that what they say is just talk. The debates are an opportunity for them to make campaign promises, but where is the accountability when past promises have been left in the dust?

fairytale features tax breaks for Romney deregulation richer and more dirty energy. He promised 12 million new jobs, but did not plan for it. His career reflects removal, no job creation here at home.

Meanwhile, the Obama plan points to General Motors that the model where we must go. But GM was bailed out by taxpayers and then cut workers' wages, while wages filling CEO. Obama said he will create manufacturing jobs 1m in 2016, but these are low-wage, insecure jobs with poor benefits.

two Romney and Obama promises to reduce public spending on education, health, vocational training, social security and the environment. And both are calling for tax cuts. These policies are not only bad for working families are the murderers of economic growth. This is because capitalism does not work when the capital does not move. And capital does not move when our government promotes the accumulation instead of capital redistribution.

short term, policies that favor Wall Street make some people very rich, but in the long run, these policies create inequality caused massive Wall Street - and the rest of us - is block. Time to take Wall Street out of the driver's seat and release the productive segments really work in America to make this economy work for all of us.

most Americans agree that the Green New Deal policies are exactly what we need. However, many voters are afraid to vote their values. We have all said they will vote against politicians, not political. And the result has been, year after year, that the politics of fear gave everything he feared:. Developing the war, economic collapse, and the dismantling of our civil liberties

Our company is a breaking point: You can not survive another four years of Wall Street government. We must respond to the politics of fear with the politics of courage. The Commission on Presidential Debates has attempted to monopolize the discourse and limit our options. But the debate on the future of the United States is the most important is the debate that took place in each of us.

Our country desperately needs a Green New Deal. A vote for me is a term of the policy, not just in November, but in the months and years to come.

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