Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As someone who has spent much of his life working to bridge the gap between Germany and the United Kingdom, I would like to thank you for your insightful and entertaining series in Germany (L Empire accidental). British Few probably realize that they share a love of missions with the Germans. And his portrait of the Swabian housewife, with a tradition of hate waste, also gave clues as to why the green movement gained strength much higher than in the UK.

However, describing how the Germans save a deposit to a third party before buying a home, it is important to understand that the law is enforced, as Pfandbriefgesetz, which governs the issuance of bonds collateralized mortgage banks by limiting the maximum loan-to-value assets to 65%. The legal limit is a political taboo in the UK (although paradoxically never hesitated to use the British authorities in Hong Kong), but with rent control was the key to market stability, affordable housing in Germany.
seen enough Larry Elliott (Why a country has a lot of weight, 18 September) that German banks are not immune to the "imprudent investment decisions" of the American or British banks to abroad, but this is completely false, according to him, the conspiracy of German banks pumping up "housing bubbles in Spain and Greece." LB North quantities have exposure to 5% of all loans in the world -. Bankia and rescue in Spain to the uncomfortable truth that their housing bubble is widely-Homegrown

wrong buying mortgage portfolios for several U.S. banks, including West LB (in liquidation) triggered the German banking crisis of 2007-08 are not, exposure to peripheral economies of the Europe.

Tom Brown

Sounds dig particularly critical because the United Kingdom itself declined throughout the crisis intervention and committed or the EFSF and ESM bailout fund.

Professor Simon Green

Co-Director of the Centre of the University of Aston Europe

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