Wednesday, October 17, 2012

jump cut social workers in crisis mode

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best SocietyGuardian stories today

0 . Social workers are forced to focus on family crises due to coalition cuts, according to a study

. 450,000 people with disabilities in the context of a universal credit loss study finds

. Young black men affected by the sharp increase in unemployment

. Charity food banks serving a record number

. Ed Miliband Office intervened to dilute health plans in the conference work

Tory privatization plan blow to Cornwall

. Analysis: Thatcher Outsourcing fantasy reality fails

. Simon Jenkins: drug policy is not a drug policy, it deserves an investigation

dilemma conservative "vaccine against HPV are anti-cancer, anti-sex or simply


SocietyGuardian stories today

In today SocietyGuardian section

. The homeless "to drink to death" super-strength alcohol . Farewell to localism that the councils of government tightens grip on
folded . Coalition on earnings data destruction

short-term budget cuts are bad for families tips

. Our social environment promotes obesity

. Literary Festival to young prisoners has big plans for the Rehabilitation policeman was
. BD: a privileged insight needed more than ever

Application of the week

. Executive Director, Scottish Court Service: "You will work as a key member of the Board of Directors of Scottish Court Service to define the vision of the future administration of the courts in Scotland for 1500 and direct Scotland staff to ensure this vision. "
. Director of Human Resources, the Home Office

. Control Head, Greater London Authority

. Head of Media and Communication, Environment Agency

public and voluntary sector careers page

hundreds of jobs in the public and voluntary sectors

professional tutor in networks

. How can we


do more with less, asks Judith Smith from the Nuffield Foundation

. Debate Live: how to create a welcoming city?
. What is being done to help more people access the Internet in the digital age, and what are the benefits?

. Cabinet Office minister

Francis Maude

the launch of a new home for government information and services
. Andrew

Bibby dispells the myths

on my radar ...


. Coinciding with the latest employment figures, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation published a report examining the challenges facing disadvantaged young people find work. The researchers sent 2,000 applications from fictitious candidates with at least five GCSEs good and relevant work experience to 667 current vacancies. They found that, even in cities where a strong labor market, there were 24 unemployed persons continued retail vacancy, and 50 for each vacancy. The Head of poverty JRF, Chris Goulden said:

is important to have measures that provide more full-time, well-paying jobs that provide work pay. The lack of success in the labor market undermines confidence, demotivated and leaves a scar on a whole generation of young people, part-time work interruptions low-wage people in poverty.

The day the latest unemployment figures are released, this report is bleak for young people. Intense competition shows that the main problem is more fundamental - a shortage of jobs

food banks

. Trussell Trust says a record number of people received emergency food aid to food banks for charity in the UK over the last six months. But blogger Niall Cooper argues that long-term solutions are needed. He wrote:

With food prices should continue to rise and incomes of the poorest stagnant or declining the future is bleak. And all this in a country still rich, crowded supermarket shelves of food.

food bank can be a short-term need, but can not be the long term solution. If a food crisis in the UK is to avoid a concerted effort is needed to increase the incomes of the poor and reduce the rising cost of food and other essential goods. But what are the chances of this at a time of austerity?

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