Tuesday, October 9, 2012

planning staff reductions could undermine efforts advice "to the involvement of the community, says Simon Dixon

this year under the National Policy Planning (NPPF) emphasizes the importance of harmonizing the future development with local needs and wishes of local communities. Instead of an opportunity to review, planning becomes a "creative exercise" all inclusive, which aims to bring people and local communities in the process again and collectively improve the social, environmental and economic local areas . This change in approach is commendable and a positive step in connecting people with planning decisions most important in their local communities.

However, with less than 12 months for local authorities to develop local plans, the reality is much more complex. The challenge for local authorities is how many have retained the ability and skills to ensure that risks are controlled and their communities are consulted and involved in all stages of the process?

Earlier this month, the information gathered by the National Trust has shown that the number of planners working in local authorities had fallen as a result of spending cuts. At a time when their services are most needed, reducing the resources may be a concern for local planning and neighborhood. This puts more pressure on municipal services already stretched.

new approach to planning today requires a considerable investment of time on the participation of the community and this is an area that can be a delegate. Same authorities who occupied the planning teams, this new approach is a difficult and innovative techniques and resources to encourage participation and the development of plans that are in the best interest of the whole community. It is a challenge and require management teams to take advantage of the experience that the form and the restoration of the popular democracy. For many housing associations would not be too far from the tenant participation process already used with success.

However, it is difficult to capture the views of all, not just the vocal minority.

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