Monday, October 8, 2012


many courts will also be at the Earth Summit, to assert the illegality of politicians back on promises

Twenty years after the Earth Summit in Rio, there is a growing recognition that if the country really keep the promises they make to big events like Rio +20, his words - as St. Paul says - can also be a "sounding brass and cymbal sounds."

civil society in all its forms is determined to make their voices heard to parallel events in Rio. Twenty years ago, a group of Yanomami Indians, all sporting distinctive bracelets stretch lips, the attention of the conference with his advocacy for the rights of indigenous peoples.

adverse event in 2012 the most important may be the first ever meeting of chief justices of the supreme courts of the world -. UNEP organized the World Congress on Justice, law and environmental sustainability

judges of the Supreme Court over the world (including the UK) met Sunday evening in the splendor of Rio de Janeiro Court Justi├ža di it absolutely clear that the rights environmental part parcel of the rule of law, which applies to the side, and, in fact, as part of fundamental human rights.

one of the most significant speech was given by Ricardo Lorenzetti, the Supreme Court of Argentina. He said very clearly that in his opinion it was the duty of justice to stop politicians do not keep their promises, or "principle of non-regression." Once a human right has been recognized, including the right to proper environment, can not be reversed. "Key role of justice does not depend on the election," he said.

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