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property taxes, renovation and construction of social values ??exisiting rented dwellings are the way to go

Congratulations to Rowan Moore to expose a contradiction at the heart of housing mantra ("We need good planning, no economy jerry-built" (Comment). Ago two in the government's objectives . Firstly, they say that their goal is to emulate the 1930s, but insofar as the accommodation, in recent years, raising the level of growth at the time, it was in the context unprecedented levels of protectionism.

Second, the government wants to encourage private development of owner occupation and diatribe against the "objective" restriction "affordable" housing. But the root of the housing crisis is inequality. There are 750,000 empty homes in Britain and about the same number of second homes.

The first 250,000 houses have eight or more rooms per person, while the average number of rooms per person 2.22 and the median is 1.88. Officially 100,000 people in the UK are homeless (charitable organizations place the figure much higher).

private alternatives to unexpected changes in the material development of the property tax, the renovation and maintenance of existing housing and, if necessary, the construction of social housing units. Councils and other providers should directly use local labor, including apprentices and youth appropriate conditions. Such a program could make a real contribution to the recovery.

Dr. Helen Mercer

Business School

University of Greenwich

Eating meat can save lives

Despite being a meat producer, Ed Vulliamy appreciated perspective on vegetarianism ("Fifty years as a vegetarian show me this is the way to be close to nature" point of view). However, much of western Britain is only suitable for growing grass. The best way to turn grass into food by grazing with cattle to produce milk and meat. Increasingly, farms (including this one) use rare species of cattle and sheep to maintain and improve the environment for wildlife, often in the context of custody plans overseen by Natural England and provide food for the nutritional benefits.

this farm that are supported by the RSPB, the Wildlife Trust and Leaf (Linking Environment and Agriculture). Indigenous cattle as rare Red Poll cow is a living part of our heritage, and the best way to ensure that does not go out to eat.

Huw Rowlands



conservative wave bye-bye

agree with the part of Catherine Bennett ("path of David Cameron with women? Show them the exit door", Comment). I am not a Conservative voter, but he thought it might really mean what he said when he said he wanted more women in places of influence.


sticky things are back to the previous Conservative employment for children and women in their place - in sight. What is fascinating is that "the boys" who are dismissed as a bribe to get gongs. Women left. Do you think it will go well with "middle of England"? Even the most faithful woman next Tory will be hard to swallow.

Angela Peyton

Bury St Edmunds

Cheryl Gillan

late arrival

One reason for hostility to David Cameron and his system of high-speed trains (HS2) felt by many conservative voters in the Chilterns ("push growth remodeling Cameron is against conservative voters in counties "News) is probably the frustration of not having a voice in Parliament for his defense.
Before the 2010 elections, the local MP, Cheryl Gillan, said components HS2 would oppose tooth and nail. Mrs Gillan then spent more than two years in office as Secretary of Wales during which she spoke out against the regime. After his dismissal, Ms. Gillan has belatedly agreed to come to fight.

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