Friday, August 3, 2012

Chinese activists land in Newark

one month after escaping house arrest and pledged to continue the fight for human rights

blind activist Chen Guangcheng China has come to start a new life in America, while sworn to fight against injustice in their homeland.

The time was the last stage of a game, an escape was only a month under house arrest in rural China that ended with him speaking to a crowd of reporters outside the New York University, where becoming a university.

"We must join arms and continue fighting for the goodness in the world and continue to fight against injustice ... I hope everyone is working for me, to promote justice and equity in China, "Chen said through an interpreter.


Chen drew a small group of spectators who applauded and some cars honked their horns. "Nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart in it. As we say in China, there are no small matter, as long as you put your heart in it," he said.

United Airlines Flight UA88, had left Newark about two hours behind Beijing International Airport as a storm rolled in - a culmination of mounting one of the most remarkable chapters stormy courage and injustice in recent years the history of China.

After discussions blows, imprisonment, injury, refuge of the embassy and diplomatic relations between the two superpowers Chen output led to a mixture of relief and consternation among activists in China We are pleased Chen course, but fears that his cause could lose one of its most influential advocates.

New York University in Greenwich Village, said he considered a partner in his law school. "Over the past seven years I've never had a day off, so I came here for some recovery in the body and mind," said Chen.

In April Chen escaped 19 months of house arrest in his courtyard home in rural Shandong province. He and his family were beaten and harassed as Dongshigu Linyi city became a virtual prison run by plainclothes guards, and full of security cameras.

This followed more than four years in prison on accusations - denied by his lawyers -. This aroused a crowd to disrupt traffic and property damage

After the bilateral talks between the two governments hammered an agreement to stay in China, with greater protection against thugs in Linyi. However, the agreement fell apart within hours, as Chen has learned that his lawyer, brother and nephew was beaten when he was alone in the hospital in Beijing, where he was treated for colitis and a broken foot suffered during his flight.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was visiting Beijing stepped in and helped organize permission for Chen, his wife and daughters to go to U.S. to study.

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