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stranded, flooded fields with broken tree trunks and mud. However, the modern University Askham Bryan Noah had sailed to safety with his precious cargo of bright green bugs

The grass was very muddy at least 20 feet above the normal level of the River Ouse in Beningborough this past weekend. But, fortunately, very little resistance Yorkshire ark beetle was opted for a safe place.

on board shortly before the last of the rainy season from May to the outside of the river sent ripping their fragile habitat, was a party of 25 green tansy live beetles are found only in 26 miles of the river in this part of the United Kingdom.

In November, the

northern guardian

notified of their status and the plan hatched by local Askham Bryan horticultural college and agriculture with Action Group Tansy Beetle or T-Bag as he happily call themselves). Among them, spent the winter to fill a temporary home for refugees in the university, giving first two lanes between Britain and Tadcaster York.

This involved planting and planting tansy, which is the only beetle host plant, and to recreate the environment along the river as closely as possible. Nobody knows exactly why beetles are so selectively limited to a section of the river Ouse between Selby and Beningborough. But that's what they do, and that the arch is a real place so close that its builders were able to manage

The beetles were collected from the river before Beningborough Hall, the beautiful Georgian house now in the custody of the National Trust. Beetles away, a visit was great, especially if they are affected by the toll bridge at Aldwark creaky old (40p for a car, walking free).

If deemed successful, the arch will be used to Tansy beetle populations elsewhere along the River Ouse and possibly experiment with more widely. A similar exercise has increased the number of lizard rare in the northwest. Coincidentally, it is also a dazzling green.

T-Bag has members in the North Yorkshire County Council, City Council, the Environment Agency and the University of York, with three years of funding from the SITA Foundation. The money covers the work of others on behalf of beetles and other animals, including conservation in Rawcliffe near the River Ouse, a region rich in tansy, beetles and other wildlife.

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