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NHS employees concerned and to opt for the process technology for monitoring the U.S. in an attempt to reduce infections SuperBug

The NHS is expected to begin using the cameras in hospitals to monitor staff behavior in an attempt to reduce nosocomial infections, improved quality of care and improve patient safety.

two hospitals have decided to adopt the technology, which has raised concerns among staff about being constantly monitored as they work, and raised questions about how to protect the confidentiality of the patient.

The Royal Liverpool University and Broadgreen Hospitals NHS Trust will become the first NHS organization to install cameras in a move that could change health workers' relationships with patients and their employers.

Trust has an agreement with U.S. technology company Arrowsight, and ADT Security Services, to put 30 cameras in the intensive care unit, renal dialysis unit and operating room of the Royal University of Liverpool.

trust management, supports the measure, which should be implemented in the fall, led to "the apprehension and mistrust" between the staff concerned. But it is waiting for cameras lead to better care for some patients more vulnerable, less cases of MRSA and

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) and a reduced risk of surgical personnel to make a mistake when performing a procedure. Managers believe that patients and their families welcome the presence of a watchful eye and the staff will be motivated to always follow best clinical procedures.

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Trust undertake a period of three months without charging before deciding to make these work practices of continuous monitoring. It costs the first year would be about £ 200 000 for the cameras and monitoring services if you rented the 30 cameras. If it does not put them in the operating room, the first year cost would be reduced to about £ 37 000.

regime could become a pioneer for the NHS. Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust also plans to test the technology in a large room at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. Other trusts have had conversations with Arrowsight and ADT, and a third driver in London, should be confirmed soon.

Chambers in the canopy bed in the operation of the care unit intensive care unit of the Royal Liverpool Hospital will ensure staff wash their hands before dressing wounds, giving drugs, and insert or delete rows IV patients. Diane Wake, director of operations of the Trust and Executive Nurse, said: "The cameras will also track how often patients to move staff in his bed, which are usually fixed and sometimes can be connected to a respirator , and if appropriate techniques are used to reduce this. the patient's risk of either getting pressure ulcers or infection, especially ventilator-acquired pneumonia. "


warning signs and their families to the cameras and the attention of anyone will be monitored without their written consent. "This will give patients and visitors additional assurance that really care and security very seriously," said Wake.

"We will also use this technology in our renal dialysis unit to see if staff have washed their hands and using the correct procedures for connecting the dialysis machine to the patient, to avoid giving the 'patient with a blood infection. The nurse must clean the patient's skin before inserting the needle, "he added.

While the trust has reduced its MRSA rates by 90% and

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89% over the last three years, hopes that the cameras to make additional improvements.

"We know that if you follow all stages of the" care package "will get the best result for the patient and improve patient safety and the patient no harm. But if you start cutting corners or missing a step that is in the care package, the evidence shows that patients are likely to come to harm. "

Arrowsight product technology, known as "remote video auditing." Has been used for years in the United States by the meat industry to control the hygiene practices of workers, fast food to move people where they are needed during peak hours and for security reasons.

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