Saturday, August 4, 2012


Symbio town near Johannesburg, destined to become the highest-14a-standing structure in the world

Visitors to the "Top of Africa" ??have been known to feel a little disappointed. The observation platform, only 50 floors above the continent's largest building, the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, is somewhat worn, with a colorful candy store and old photos on the wall.

But they have announced plans for a tower that by 2018 could propel Africa into the league's largest skyscrapers.

The structure, which is part of a development known as the Symbio-Centurion City, will rise to 447 meters, or 110 storeys, more than double the Carlton Centre and taller than the Empire State Building . Become the largest freestanding structure on the 14th planet.

Located in Centurion - between the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria, and its commercial capital, Johannesburg - the development will be some office towers and two residential. They include hotels, shops and a convention center and 10-acres of land and lake. Perhaps most striking, the preliminary design shows a vertical column of wind turbines built in the tallest tower, which includes a rooftop garden with trees and a pool. It is flanked by two 80 and 60 floors each.

But Centurion criticized the concept of Symbio City. "I feel the plan is poorly designed, primarily due to construction in any way falls in an urban context in any way. If skyscrapers were built in Johannesburg or Pretoria, which ideally should be the result of limitations well in dense urban environments, where up is really the only option.

"It is disturbing when developers can use the vertical as a development model where this is not necessary, because our random landscape becomes obliterated with iconic structures."

The development was announced by the Ramokgopa Kgosientso, Mayor of Tshwane, a municipality that contains Centurion. "The availability of a variety of efficient public services and provided an effective and affordable options and commuting and green plants are important factors in creating a life experience high quality," he said . "The construction of this development will also create jobs by creating over 10,000 jobs during construction and over 4,000 permanent jobs post-construction."

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