Thursday, August 9, 2012

support high-profile campaign # endfossilfuelsubsidies helps you overcome the issue of trends in the U.S. as the place and second place in the world

climate activists and fight against poverty launched the 24 hours "Twitter storm" against the hundreds of billions of dollars of subsidies from the government each year for oil and coal, despite the economic downturn world and increased emissions.

The bombing, which was endorsed by Stephen Fry, Robert Redford, actor Mark Ruffalo, politicians and environmentalists, took endfossilfuelsubsidies hash tag # for the number two ranking issues worldwide and a number of trends in the United States.

"We Tweet an average of one second, but he picks up when you hit the celebrities hashtag," said Jamie Henn of, a group of climate which is a leading campaign .

negotiators online demonstration reached the Rio Conference 20 developing sustainable remained divided over proposals to remove the provision of public funds for polluters of carbon dioxide.

Saudi Arabia and Venezuela - two major oil producers - are accused of continuing to make progress on this issue, which will be high on the agenda of the leaders at the Rio Summit at the end This week and next G-20 in Mexico.
"This world has problems in a billion can be useful - and we would have some minor problems if they are not paid by the fossil fuel industry to ruin the climate," 350 said. org founder Bill McKibben. "This is the public policy of non-obviousness of all time."

figures of the International Atomic Energy show that government subsidies to fossil fuels are 12 times higher than those of renewable energy. Jake Schmidt of the Natural Resources Defense Council, wrote in a blog: "Given the tight deadlines and budget of the need to address global warming, of the grant activities are warming the planet is simply no sense of the only beneficiaries subsidies to fossil fuels. oil companies, gas and coal are making record profits at the expense of the rest of us. "

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