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voting system means that the second preferences make a difference in the "real" career. What are the dilemmas vote?

I would like Jenny Jones, Green Party to be the next mayor of London. His show combines idealism and practicality in an overview of the capital that promotes small businesses on localism and champion equality, contains measures to address the desperate housing crisis in London, calls for the reform police and go to the economic and environmental logic to move the motor vehicle to the bottom of the hierarchy of transport in the capital. Their sounds of London as a good place to live.

have tried my political party preferences in the voting machine and both the guard and get a great mayor green than anything else. Jones himself is an efficient, experienced and hardworking member of the London Assembly, which would be perfectly capable of running the city. Moreover, there seems to be more overlap between comments crowdsourcing is shown in a mayor and the program model proposed by Jones than any other candidate.

The downside is that Jones will not win. The mayoral race has a couple of pointers and some clear losers quintet. Jones is among the latter, none of them vote, even in double digits when respondents are asked to name their favorite candidate of September, while the two main candidates, Conservative Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone Labour were marked around 40% and above.

What is the point of going to Green on Thursday? Do not be a wasted vote? The answer is that voting Jones is a luxury I can afford. In fact, the whole experience of the polling station election in London is decadent with voting options, which we Londoners to make informed decisions by the head and heart.

In total, we can cross the four times in three different ballots: twice for mayor and two ways to mount, which scans the body (which will remain a "he".) The only problem is that the options must be exercised with care. Can create dilemmas, too.

I am in agony with my two choices for mayor. Jones Making my first choice - my "X" will go in the first column of the pink slip - is a true expression of my conviction and move the green agenda, but without reducing my ability to influence the outcome of competition between the only two candidates who can win: supra-party entities known as "Boris" and "Ken"

The part municipal elections are held under the supplementary vote system (SV), an abridged version of the AV. A first count document adds all first preferences. If no candidate obtains more than half of them, he or she earns. Opinion polls tell us that this is unlikely to occur when counting takes place on Friday (the day after the election itself). Johnson first preference rating was as high as 46% in a recent poll, but never threatened to hit 50%.

My first preference

Jones will not have the effect of helping Johnson in this direction, since only the first choice of Johnson, or abstentions important of all voters-Johnson can do. In other words, the percentage of first preference non-Johnson will not be altered by the way are distributed among six rivals. It will be a surprise if it drops below 50%.

And yes, ballots in yellow and orange Day-Glo Democratic Jamboree. These are for both sides of the 25 voting members of the London Assembly. Yellow is for the 14 constituency members and orange for the 11 London-wide members who are elected on party lists and seats are allocated by the brain ironing modified d'Hondt formula of PR .

as an excellent guide The Guardian says the electoral section is "exactly the same as voting for a member of the general election, that voting for a candidate with a cross, and the candidate with the most votes in this group win that seat. "I will definitely vote on my work in the Northwest constituency Labour stronghold, sending a message against the government in the process. In some other groups, including Barnet and Camden, the conservatives in power can be removed by challengers of work. I urge Londoners who can make that happen.
Instead I'm in trouble on the section of London. I want to reward political liberal Democrats Paddick police, who are the best of any candidate for mayor. Section of the vote in the London Assembly elections is part of London as a whole has given smaller parties at a glance. D'Hondt published three Lib Dem and two Green members of the Assembly in 2008, with a British National Party. The Greens and the Liberal Democrats have made valuable contributions to the work of the Assembly, and I want that to continue.

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