Friday, August 17, 2012

Government policy is committed to

sustainability planning, but an uncertain future economic, social and climate threatens the

Although the National Policy Planning Framework was well received by its emphasis on the development of urban and local decision, that the definitions in the context really means a problem. For example, when the NPPF refers to "sustainable development", which is what really speaks?

Our experience suggests that, in the worst case, this is a vague concept that has something to do with resource consumption. However, if we are to ensure adequate housing and efficient energy in the right places and access to services, we must be very clear about what we mean by sustainable development - and make sure it is fundamental to the development process

Part of this is should be a requirement for developers and their contractors to demonstrate that the performance of the building's design reflects its promises. Too often, we end up with the evolution that does not really offer the required level of energy efficiency and do not have access to shops, schools and other facilities and services that help communities to work in the long term .

The UK continues to face enormous challenges in terms of availability of necessary materials, products, technologies, knowledge and skills we need to ensure that our developments are green. However, if the construction industry, architects and planners must have the confidence to invest in these areas who need a clear long-term commitment of the Government which is based on a comprehensive strategy. While the big deal announced Green focuses on the challenges of our existing stock, its implementation will be considered a litmus test of a real government commitment to help the industry built environment providing a low carbon built. It is essential that politicians show they understand the often complex challenges related to financing vehicles of this type, and are ready to cope.

must also be clear that sustainable development for us is not only low-carbon materials and energy efficiency. New development should be long-term viability, in general, and that means residential housing, with a real community with the support of the necessary infrastructure and commercial property is not only created to capitalize on growth opportunities, but can meet the changing needs over time. Ultimately, building something that we consider to be sustainable is only the beginning. Make sure its long-term performance in the shadow of the uncertainty of future conditions, their resilience - is what really matters. If you are not flexible, we risk obsolescence built, leaving a legacy of a built environment that does not fulfill his promise and does not take into account demographic changes, climate and socio-technological.

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