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Find out what our group thinks about the priorities of local government and what advice should do more often. Post your comments in the space below

Laura Wilkes is responsible for policy


the successful implementation is important:

listen to the advice focuses more on economic growth and mobilizing domestic investment in their areas? If moved to a purely implementation services, rather than the role, enabling local growth is an essential element of this. Social returns are much more complex. Boards are the challenges around how to make a greater social impact of the implementation process and give weight to cost more only.

Commitment always be a priority:

know that the number of people involved in local democracy is not perfect, but does not mean that people not to participate or take part in the debate. We must ask ourselves how easy things to do to involve communities, and whether to give people the right opportunities. This is to go where people are looking and. You must also ensure that councils are involved in issues that are important to communities.

Edward Davie is a labor adviser in the


What should be centered The main task of local government, any government, in fact, is to provide the best possible environment for residents to live a full life and reach their full potential. In the most literal sense, this means ensuring that clean streets, green spaces with well-planned development of employment and other opportunities. It also means trying to obtain a local affordable housing, excellent education and support strong communities.

Co-production is really the only game in town for the future: Our financial models, and social policy are broken and the only way to restore solvency of the trust and confidence is to give citizens the power and support they need to make their own decisions about the services they use.

Jonathan Bradley is the founder and director of

Participate Ltd.

Think of ways to involve citizens and say thank you: an intelligent approach of Hammersmith and Fulham was to thank the people of the help save money behave differently or to participate and post on Youtube. Is there a difference? No. The video had 46,000 hits, but unfortunately, the comments are disabled and that speaks volumes.

We must be honest with the public about the work:

experience of working with people a lot of difficult questions the courts I agree that, basically, you can sit and talk with people having less money. Most people understand and are willing to talk in a balanced way, but not when dressed professionally and speak the lingo. This is when people feel a rat and that truth is hidden from them and the commitment is not genuine. This is when people get angry and liberation.

all about money: Lack of money in the current climate could mean downsizing, the best for slicing, the common service units heart of business, the withdrawal of services, outsourcing, TUPEing, commissioning, etc. In a sense, doing the same old things the same way in difficult times. We need the system to encourage the necessary joint / integrated / collaborative efforts focused on the frontline.

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