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Lucy Lawless made his name playing Xena: Warrior Princess. He now faces jail after a protest aboard a ship drilling for oil in the Arctic. So what makes her a ECOWARRIOR?

Lucy Lawless, actor of worship, mother of three and more recently ECOWARRIOR International, made a point not to plan your life with too much care. Climb to the top of a ship drilling for oil and stay for three days as part of a protest against the exploration of the Arctic in February was no different. "I thought about it for a few minutes and then said 'yes'," she said.

"We never thought we'd take the boat to be honest. I thought we were going to stop at any moment, but maintained that does not happen. And we were there. J 'was totally in shock during the first 10 minutes I just could not believe I was at the top of this thing. "

The ship was Discoverer Shell Noble, who this week left Seattle to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, where they wait for sea ice to clear. So, assuming that the U.S. government granted the necessary permissions, drilling begins in what has become a key battleground for environmentalists.

In September Lawless, 44, and activists will be sentenced in September after being convicted earlier this month to charges of trespass. "Oh, that sounds if the flash, right?" She said. "In bail, baby! But you know, people I met, and oceans scenes in Rio 20 militants, some of these guys were like," I was arrested 30 times. A was kind of fabulous. "

Lawless was in Rio de Janeiro to launch the campaign of Greenpeace Save the Arctic with Sir Richard Branson, with a trailer narrated by John Hurt and the approval of Sir Paul McCartney. The organization is seeking signatures on a petition 1m has been called the displacement of the Arctic, calling for a global sanctuary to be set up in the vast uninhabited area around the North Pole.

But to unite in direct action and the risk of up to three years in prison without law, which began as a singer, but has made a name as that of Xena, covered with leather, Warrior Princess on television in the 1990s, has pledged to celebrities to a new level.

"We must try to maintain the momentum," she said, hours after his arrival at his home in Los Angeles. "Everything depends on the need to know, so you only get three days in advance when something happens that might be good for you. "He laughs." But meanwhile, I will encourage people to sign the book, in all these places where Xena was very large. Egypt, Brazil, Turkey, the next I will write in the Philippines! "

She said that events of this year has been life changing. An action hero may, nicknamed "Unco" be coordinated at the school, Lawless - who was born Lucille Ryan, and chose his stage name long before he dreamed of intrusion on oil rigs - hated in the cascades his six years mythological Xena, who rarely had through an episode without a sword fight. "I was black and blue for about two years, but has paid off tremendously, you know, if you get hit enough, his reflexes pick it up, and I became good enough -. If someone throws the keys or something, I can grasp. "

Its formation probably also helped prepare for tankers up. She will not discuss details of how Shell boat approached, and think it would be imprudent to speculate on the sentence - "I have no doubt it will be fair, whatever it is, I ' did, and the police just "- but says the experience was really fun part, which is scary and uncomfortable.

"peanuts and chocolate, that sounds like a dream diet - not -. For three and a half days, but probably could have another day"

someone on the boat to loud music. "Just to be a pain in the ass, to frighten and upset you, but really just made us laugh out loud." Shell has denied any involvement in such tactics.

not tell anyone what he did before because it would have made them accomplices. Her husband, Robert Tapert, the American producer of film and television, he met on the set of Xena when he was her boss, "had a bit of a shock. I think he thought I was going chain of a bulldozer in front of a tree or something. "The task fell to him to tell his two son, now 12 and 10 (Lawless has a daughter from a previous marriage), even though they had been warned that, if never done anything like that, it would be because he believed it was important. "They were like," yeah, yeah, we got "a little annoyed with me, you know?" Yes, Mom. " "She laughs.

But she was raised with a strong sense of civic duty, and perhaps because of his 22 years as the mayor's daughter and the latest entertainment experience, with advertisers, making a spokesman of persuasion.

She puts her green consciousness in two events. The first was the ozone hole that developed in the southern hemisphere due to CFCs and brought to New Zealand and Australia have the highest levels of skin cancer in the world. The second was New Orleans, where she was filming a movie made for television, when Hurricane Katrina.

Experience has slept with her, and it looks horrible. "The terror of half a million people trying to leave the city at the same time, all roads are paralyzed, people shout, and a solitary policeman, sitting in the middle of an intersection, no more radio, fingers and feet and head are swelling due to the air pressure is so low due to the approach of this massive storm. Everyone tries to emerge, but the very poor who have nowhere go, have no transportation, and have experienced this before. I saw black girls walking the other with their handbags, and you know that you will spend the next two weeks on the second floor of their building. It was really a shocking experience. CNN, I pursued between airports, when they finally came out and said, 'What will happen to the film? and all I can think of is: "Who gives a shit? Do not understand what is happening there?"

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